miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Eleven anclas

Albricias and WTF!

Annie Bottle do not will presentate to the Madrid Alcaldy elections again. 

Madrid will have a different alcald from mayo 2015 on... and with all the probability she will close the etapa iniciada by Albert Ruiz-Galardón eleven years ago (time goes by so slowly...), with a very contestated gestion, really poor management skills and enlutada by the cinco muertes of the Madrid Arena. 

According to the newspaper, she llegó to the Alcaldy de la mano of Gallardón in 2003 y fue ganando peso (sic)... exercising always like a relief in the shadow of the actual minister of Justice...

She gives by closed an etapa of her life with the sensation of the deber accomplished and abandons the internal fight into the insides of the Popular Party to be the first head in the candidacy of the municipal elections of 2015. 

“Annie Bottle always does things in the best interest of the PP”, quickly stated Hope Agüirre.

N. del. T. for the foreigners: this is how things go in Spain. The Alcaldese works for her party, not for the citizens and her face does not fall a millimeter.

As I don´t want to overwhelm you I will leave it here.

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Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree...

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